Knowledge Partners

The Summit’s Knowledge Partners are organisations that share our ambition to promote genuine exchange between policymakers and artists, in order to inspire positive change in cultural policy and investment.

For Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2016 these partners were:

Aga Khan Music Initiative

(Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Aga Khan Development Network)

Founded in 2000 to contribute to the revitalisation of musical heritage in post-Soviet Central Asia and Afghanistan, the Aga Khan Music Initiative has evolved into an interregional and multi-disciplinary music and arts education programme whose mission is to support talented musicians and music educators working to preserve, transmit, and further develop their musical heritage in contemporary forms. Presently the Music Initiative works with musicians and artistic communities in nine countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and West Africa and is actively engaged in music presenting, education, production and outreach activities in Europe and North America.

Fairouz R. Nishanova, Director AMKI said, “The Aga Khan Music Initiative is honoured and delighted to be a knowledge partner of the Culture Summit in 2016. My hope is that our experience in creating and implementing strategies for cultural development in the Muslim world can contribute to the cultural dialogue that will take place during the Summit, and to innovative thinking about the role of culture in civic life both in the global North and South.”

Edinburgh World Heritage

Edinburgh World Heritage connects people to their heritage, celebrating our World Heritage city by involving residents, businesses and visitors to deliver crucial social, environmental and economic benefits through a lively programme of conservation, interpretation and outreach projects.

Adam Wilkinson, EWH Director, said, “We are delighted to be a knowledge partner of the 2016 Edinburgh International Culture Summit, reflecting the deep links between people and their places. The cultural memories that are overlaid on the physical fabric of our cities are what gives them life and meaning, and must guide the development of our cities as sustainable places.”


The WHITR-AP is a non for profit organization specialized in the area of heritage conservation. Furthermore, as a category 2 institute under the auspices of UNESCO, it is the first one that established in the developing countries. It will be an autonomous institution at the service of the Member States and Associate Members of UNESCO. The Institute's mission is to strengthen implementation of World Heritage Convention in Asia and the Pacific region, by building the capacity of all those professionals and bodies involved with World Heritage site inscription, protection, conservation and management in the Asia and the Pacific region, through training, research, the dissemnation of information and network building.

USC Centre on Public Diplomacy

The USC centre on Public Diplomacy (CPD) was established in 2003 as a partnership between the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California. It is a research, analysis and professional education organization dedicated to furthering the study and practice of global public engagement and cultural relations.

CPD is a recognized leader in the public diplomacy research and scholarship community and is the definitive go to destination for practitioners and international leaders in public diplomacy, while pursuing an innovative research agenda designed to bridge the study-practice gap. In 2008, USC recieved the Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy from the U.S. State Department in recognition of the university's teaching, training and research in public diplomacy.

About the 2018 Culture Summit

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit brings together Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and art leaders from around the world to share ideas, expertise and best practice to inspire positive change in cultural policy and investment. Set against the incomparable backdrop of one of the world's greatest cultural events, the Edinburgh Festivals, the Summit is ideally placed to facilitate conversations between practioners and policy-makers.  


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