About Culture

The 2014 Edinburgh International Culture Summit provided Culture Ministers from across the world the opportunity to discuss how arts and culture are best sustained, promoted and protected.

The theme for Summit 2014 was 'Culture - a Currency of Trust' reflecting the Summit's belief in the capacity of the arts and culture to foster mutual understanding between nations.The programme was devised across three distinct but interlinking policy areas, each considering substantial, global issues of current interest and universal importance.

  • Values and measurements: the principles by which culture is valued and measured
  • Cities and Culture: the role of cities as incubators of cultural innovation
  • Advocacy and Identity: international conventions for the promotion and protection of cultural diversity

Various different opinions on these topics were shared on social media in the run up to the Summit, with a variety of articles, speeches and features from a range of sources which we thought would be of interest to you.

Cultural Conversations

To build interest and trigger further debate and discussion around "cultural relations and dialogue" we hope everyone enjoyed reading and sharing the articles, features and thought pieces from a wide range of viewpoints that were added to this section titled 'Cultural Conversations'. 

Click here for Cultural Conversations on Medium.

It should be noted that the opinions and viewpoints shared on the Cultural Conversations section of the website are not necessarily representative of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit, its partners or Delegates.




About the 2018 Culture Summit

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit brings together Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and art leaders from around the world to share ideas, expertise and best practice to inspire positive change in cultural policy and investment. Set against the incomparable backdrop of one of the world's greatest cultural events, the Edinburgh Festivals, the Summit is ideally placed to facilitate conversations between practioners and policy-makers.  


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